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From Stewart via Dease Lake and Teslin we ended up in Atlin and camped right on the water front.This will become your PMS--Preventative Maintenance Schedule.We tried to air up the RV tires with a regular air compressor and blew out two of them.The patch that you put in the tire does not have to be replaced. to make it a little easier to insert the tool, you could run a small drill bit in the hole a couple of times.Please check out the American Radio Relay League at for more information.Beaver Creek Yukon Territory. Beaver Creek Yukon is located at milepost 1168 of the Alaska Highway on the border between Alaska and the Yukon Territory.This blog contains over 225 stories and nearly one thousand photos of their adventures with more added almost daily.

They say not to use the jacks when changing a tire, but you can use them to lift the MH off the ground, then put a jack stand or blocks under the frame to support it off the ground until you change the tire.It is videos like these that help me to believe that I and my husband can do this.Poker Creek, AK - Population 2. July 5, 2009 - Fairbanks, Alaska, United States. Most northerly land border port in the U. S.Even on a motorcycle I carry a very small compressor, it took 4 plugs and just barley held enough air to get me to Whitehorse. Love it.I carry one in my Aerbus and it has come in handy more than once.We picked up the repair kit in Chicken, otherwise we would have used it right away.

Although only a few sleepy Canadian and American border crossing officials were. TRUMP IN ALASKA GUARDING OUR BORDERS. POKER CREEK, ALASKA — The other.After four days, we are leaving Dawson City today, putting the Winnebago and tow car on a small ferry that will ford the mighty Yukon River and hopefully drop us off dry on the other side.Poker Creek Border Crossing. The Poker Creek, Alaska crossing is the most northerly land border point in the USA. For the third time since leaving Florida,.2012 Alaska Photo Contest > Poker Creek Border Crossing View. Alaska Travel Photos, browse hundreds of photos from scenic locations across Alaska including Denali.The Top of the World Highway, between Chicken (Alaska) and Dawson City,. near the Poker Creek border crossing, Yukon Territory, Canada.

Poker Creek - Little Gold Creek Border Crossing. 4 likes · 210 were here. The Poker Creek - Little Gold Creek Border Crossing is on the Top of the World.Crossing the Alaska Border and Getting Screwed. We cross back into the USA at the Most Northerly Land Border Port at Poker Creek, Alaska, population 3.About 90 minutes into the ride, we reached the border crossing where the elevation was 4,127 and well above the tree line.

We are sorry for your misfortune, but it turned into a great, funny and informative video.This was an unusual gesture on his part since the customs agents are always putting on their best business face.We cross back into the USA at the Most Northerly Land Border Port at Poker Creek, Alaska, population 3.Enjoyed the video but I had to cringe when neither of you were wearing safety glasses.

At about 3,500 feet elevation and almost above the tree lines, the road turned to gravel with bumps like a washboard and some above average potholes.For a brief moment I thought the whole side of the had been ripped off.Joanne and I are following your journey throughout Alaska and appreciate all your reviews etc very much.The Haines museum was very interesting with lots of old relics from the gold rush days in the yard.

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Public Safety Canada in Montréal,. OTHER SHARED COSTS FOR POKER CREEK, ALASKA BORDER STATION. Public Safety Canada has been engaged in procurements with the.They are such a good idea that all new cars have them built in.I really related to the whole experience recognizing that your experience could easily happen to me.Road Trip To Alaska – Itinerary and. It’s roughly four hours to Poker Creek Alaska,. We are wanting to take a road trip from Calif/Oregon border to Alaska.

The road from Haines Jc. to Tok was good mostly except for a very long stretch I would describe as the Highway from Hell.Ten miles into Alaska, the road turns again to gravel and potholes.Also guys, get a emergency patch kit for the little smart car.Also you might consider taking the test for a ham radio license.AK CA caribou Chicken AK Dawson City Milepost Magazine Poker Creek Border Crossing Tok Top of the World Highway Welcome to Alaska Yukon River Ferry Yukon Territory.You can not overemphasize the importance of a tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS).

My brother had a tire with 18 plugs in it when it was changed out.We are on top of the ridge looking across to other snow peaked mountain tops and down across the valley.Right now we would just like to be able to get the hot water to stay at 105.For the third time since leaving Florida, we changed our clocks back an hour as we crossed into Alaska and pulled over to a rest area and had lunch with our Canadian traveling partners.

The Directory provides the official list of all CBSA offices, their contact information and the services they offer.Our plans are to see Anchorage, Denali Park, Fairbanks and eventually end up in Whitehorse.We are blown away by the performance of our lithium battery pack and the new solar setup is quick to charge out batteries back up.

When we crossed Arizona the air intake on the engine was 117 degrees and the Tire Minder monitors were reading 146 degrees.From the dust cloud coming from the tire, to the gushing blood, had me laughing.You stated in the RV that you had no option but to keep driving could have just parked and locked the RV and taken the car, grabbed a patch and possibly some gas. Just sayin.We left TOK and made the trek across the Top of the World highway.

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I probably could have run into you in Fairbanks, this was my 5th trip to Alaska this year 4 times by motorcycle.At 27 miles from the U. S. /Canada border and. The Poker Creek, Alaska. An amateur gold miner from Oklahoma pans for gold in Bonanza Creek, Dawson City,...

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